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Ebola – What Can We Expect from Current Coverages?
Ebola is now viewed as a very serious risk and insurers are rethinking how future  insurance policies should treat it.


CAB Usage in Underwriting Truckers

‚ÄčFinding coverage for an experienced motor carrier with an above average safety history should be an easy task. However, coverage is often determined by the way a risk is presented - and interpreted. Usage of tools like Central Analysis Bureau (CAB) reports can make all the difference.              


Cyber Liability for Nonprofits

When it comes to cyber-crime and massive data breaches, there's one group that has been relatively overlooked when it comes to cyberliability - nonprofits. How would an organization with limited capital protect its infrastructure in the event of a breach?

 Product Spotlight: SAFETY Act Coverage

The SAFETY Act was established by federal government as a means to incentivize companies that develop technology used to combat terrorist acts. SAFETY Act coverage shields qualified parties from claims that arise as a result of the technology’s use in the prevention, response to, or recovery from a terrorist act.



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