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Currey & Company, Inc. is recalling select items, due to a potential manufacturing defect, wherein the polarity of the wires supplying electricity to the lamp holder is reversed. This defect may cause electrical shock, if the power supply is not first shut off prior to changing the fixture’s light bulbs.

These items may be identified by a label, applied to the interior of the canopy of the light fixture or upon the upper left hand corner of the item’s carton. Full list of recalled products is at the bottom of this email.

    Sample Canopy Label:
  Sample Carbon Label:

At this time, there are no reported incidents of electrical shock to consumers, however the hazard exists. No injuries or deaths have been reported to the company or to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. However, we feel it is in the best interests of the consumer to recall this merchandise.

Our customers are advised that they should disconnect the power supply to any of the recalled items prior to changing the light bulbs. This will greatly reduce the hazard to user.

Currey & Company requests our customers to:

• Immediately discontinue all sales of the item(s), remove the items from display and separate the item(s) from their other inventories.  If you have any of these items on hand, they should not be sold to consumers.

• Raise awareness of the recall process with their employees using instructions listed above.

• Raise awareness of the recall process with their customers (consumers) via direct mail, email or social media using instructions listed above.

• Provide Currey & Company with the contact information for any consumers who purchased the potentially defective items, so that the company may contact them directly. 

• Have their product checked and if necessary, repaired by a licensed electrician, at the company’s expense.  Customers should contact the company for details on re-imbursement.

• Exchange the item for a replacement or substitute of an item of equivalent value.  The company will cover both shipping and installation costs.

• Discontinue use of the recalled item, and return it to Currey & Company for a refund.

• Render the item(s) inoperable and submit proof of the same to Currey & Company for a credit.

Please contact Currey & Company for full details on how to repair, exchange, return or destroy the recalled item. The company may be contacted at:

Currey & Company
50 Best Friend Road
Atlanta, GA 30340
Regular Phone Line:  678-533-1500
Toll Free Number: 877-617-1032


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