Are you getting the most out of your loan servicing operation? Eliminate Loan Servicing Silos



Duplicating Effort May Be Hurting Your Organization and Jeopardizing Borrower Relationships.

In today's survival of the fittest servicing environment, supporting multiple systems is costly and inefficient. And, it makes back-office operations less flexible and less responsive to market demands. More than ever, you need to be nimble and customer-centric, with round-the-clock availability and real-time efficiency.

Having multiple servicing platforms can challenge executives charged with trying to rein in costs, sustain regulatory compliance, ensure data integrity and drive operational excellence. Derive benefits from process, cost-to-service and efficiency perspectives by consolidating your retail loan portfolio.

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"Although the servicing system you have today might work, the productivity improvements, potential FTE redeployments and ability to support a more diverse loan portfolio resulting from consolidating loans can dramatically offset the cost of converting to a newer technology.

Consolidating servicing provides a distinct advantage and allows you to do much more than 'maintain the current situation.' No matter what loan products look like in the future or how many loans are being serviced, forward-thinking servicers can implement a consolidated model that will reduce costs, increase productivity and create opportunity."

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