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Every single granule of ESN Smart Nitrogen features our flexible polymer coating. The coating protects the nitrogen contained within from loss mechanisms like heavy rains, dry, windy conditions, and microbial attacks caused by standing water. ESN then releases nitrogen at a rate controlled by soil temperature. As temperatures rise, more nitrogen is released, giving crops the nitrogen they need, when they need it.

  • Water moves into each granule through the polymer coating
  • A water and urea solution is created inside the polymer coated granule
  • The urea and water solution release out of the granule at a rate regulated by soil temperature
  • The polymer coating breaks down in the soil after the nitrogen is used up

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Smart Growers

Tony Colfey, IL

Illinois farmers speak on their experience using ESN SMART NITROGEN, reducing leaching and anhydrous burn.

Bert McDaniel, MS

Bert puts down ESN on his clover and ryegrass in the winter

Roman Domoshovitz, SK

Discover Roman’s yield gains over 10 years using ESN, and why he’s plans to continue using it.

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