Stabforum Stability Data Application Registration
Application Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in the Stabforum stability data application. As a Baxter customer you can benefit from the stability data generated for Baxter elastomeric devices by completing the below registration form. Please don’t hesitate to contact your local Baxter representative for additional information if needed.

The information provided below will be kept in confidence and in accordance with Baxter's Global Privacy Policy. Like most websites, Baxter will track activity within this webform and the BaseCase Stabforum application to determine areas of greatest interests. The information allows Baxter to provide you with more helpful information and services and communicate updates to the application through your contact data provide below.



This stability information you are requesting access to is a compilation of experimental data that has been generated to the common standard practice at the time of the study. The data therefore reflects the information from the date the study was conducted including all relevant drug and device classifications.

This stability information is specific to the container tested and should not be extrapolated to other containers. The stability data does not support the effectiveness or safety of the dosages quoted. Baxter is providing this information for reference purposes only.  This database is not intended to replace the professional judgement of the caring physician, pharmacist or other qualified healthcare professional, and does not substitute for the pharmacy’s responsibility to appropriately establish stability and beyond use dating for its compounded products. Products and drugs mentioned may not all be approved for use in all countries. Refer to the device instructions for use and the drug manufacturer's prescribing information on proper use.

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