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Tell us what physical activity you do in the forest

Thank you for taking part in our survey. The information you provide will really help us to develop and improve your forest experience. The information you provide will be analysed anonymously by the Forestry Commission research team. If you have taken part in a group, please forward this survey to other members.

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1. Which forest was your physical activity held in?*
2. What date did you do this physical acitivity at this site?*
3. For this forest and date only, what physical activities did you take part in? (Tick all that apply)*
If you selected other, please tell us more
4. How did you find out about these activities?*
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5. On average how often do you come to this forest for any reason?*
6. What is the MAIN activity you usually do in this forest? *
If you selected other, please tell us more
7. On average, how often do you carry out the MAIN activity in this forest?*
8. On average, how long do you do this MAIN activity in this forest for?*
9. What other activities would you like to take part in, in this forest? (please choose up to 3)*
If you selected other, please tell us more
10. What is the total amount of moderate or vigorous physical activity that you have undertaken in the last seven days?*
Definitions: Physical activity: bouts of 10+ mins as part of work, home work active travel or leisure activity. Moderate activity: where you raise your heart rate and feel a little out of breath. Vigorous activity: you're breathing hard and fast, and your heart rate has significantly increased
11. Are you a member of a sports affiliated National Governing Body? (e.g. England Athletics, British Triathlon etc.)*
Are you*
Prefer not to say
What age are you?*
Please tell us how many people under the age of 16 took part in the physical activity with you.*
How many 0-4 years old?*
How many 5-10 years old?
How many 10-15 years old?*
Which of these ethnic groups do you consider you belong to?*
Do you have a long term illness, health problem or impairment which limits your daily activities?*
If yes, which of the following best describes how your illness or impairment affects you? (Select all that apply)
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