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Thales 'Trusted Merchant Gateway' helps merchants and payment gateways to comply with RBI mandated network tokenization 

Thales Trusted Merchant Gateway (TMG) platform

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a circular to replace all card on file (PAN) with network tokens mandatory by 30 June 2022 for all the eMerchants and payment processors.

In order to help e-Merchants and payment processors comply with RBI mandate,To support the RBI and help eMerchants to become compliant before the deadline, Thales has launched its Trusted Merchant Gateway (TMG) platform in India. With TMG, our customer can realize the full potential tokenization with following benefits:

You may please refer to the more details below or contact us to know how Thales can help you not only become compliant with RBI's directive, but also be ready for future changes.

EMV Tokenization is a gamechanger for checkout in the eCommerce sector

See how EMV Tokenization for Card-on-File can help you in every part of your customers’ buying journeys, including improving your conversion rate. It provides an opportunity for eMerchants to deploy a proven solution that delivers a marked and measurable improvement in their transaction approval rates. EMV Tokenization supports functionality such as automatic card renewal, eliminating the potential cost and disruption that occurs when a customer’s card expires or is lost or stolen.

To know more about how you can benefit, please refer to the documents given below:


Tackling involuntary churn in the subscription economy with EMV tokenization

EMV tokenization promises to reduce needless subscriber attrition, improve the customer experience and protect revenue streams


Case Study - Visa & Thales: growing eCommerce revenues with tokens in Latin America

Optimizing digital commerce with agile and resilient payment infrastructure


Case Study


Bring both convenience and security to your online shoppers

Thales Gemalto EMV Tokenization for a seamless user experience while enforcing security:


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