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ESN Smart Nitrogen is a urea granule contained within a flexible polymer coating that protects it from loss mechanisms. The nitrogen inside releases in response to soil temperature, ensuring the nitrogen is there when your crops need it, providing improved crop yields and quality. Your local ESN representative can walk you through exactly how much ESN can boost your bottom line.

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No need to guess how much you could gain by using ESN. Our ROI calculator does all the work for you – just answer a couple questions about your fields and crops to see the difference ESN can make on your farm.

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Over 20 years of proof

ESN is the only controlled-release nitrogen available in broadacre agriculture with over two decades of real-world testing. Select your preferred crop and the region where you farm to see how ESN performs on farms just like yours.

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Ready to increase yields, reduce nitrogen loss and improve your bottom line? The first step is speaking with your local ESN representative.